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Combine and consolidate data sources

Unify data from different files or Web service APIs.

When files must be combined.


Sometimes several different files or data sources have to be merged to create a new file. A simple example with 2 files:

  • File A: Article number, title and description
  • File B: Article number, price and stock

With Synesty Studio Datastores, you can merge the two files into a single Datastore and then create a new file containing the sum of all the fields item number, title, description, price and inventory. This scenario is often found when dealing with repricing, data feeds for price portals and AdWords campaigns or when connecting different suppliers to the online shop.

Which data sources does Synesty support?


Synesty Studio supports various data sources (HTTP(S), (S)FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive and more) and file formats (CSV, TAB-separated, XML, Excel XLS). This makes you independent and enables you to connect various systems from external partners and thus exchange or convert data.


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Why Synesty?

Benefit from a fast and flexible solution.

  • Connect applications simply by drag & drop
  • Automate business processes
  • Without programming knowledge
  • No modification of your systems necessary
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