Because API integrations always prolong our customers' projects unnecessarily.

Therefore, we are looking for a solution to solve this more efficiently for our customers and to expand our service portfolio.

That's why I wan to:

  • checkeddevelop integrations and automated processes for your customers, but spiced with our expertise
  • checkedwin new customers by adding integration & automation to our service-portfolio
  • checkedconsult and work on own account
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Synesty for Agencies

Our solution

Benefit from a scalable integration platform as an agency partner

As an agency partner of Synesty you extend your portfolio with the topics API-integrations and automation, and save a lot of time in onboarding, updates and maintenance - because Synesty keeps the connectors up to date.

You also save valuable time during the implementation of demanding customer projects, which can be used for new projects. Synesty is your tool to realize integrations and automation projects - faster than would be possible with individual programming. This is an important advantage over your competitors and your customer is happy about efficient projects.

The ongoing maintenance of the automations is also made easy for you by the user-friendly tool. You can even enable your customers to make adjustments through the role and permission concept. Eventual consulting costs regarding Synesty can be charged to the customer afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the joint marketing activities?
How does Synesty handle privacy / GDPR?
Does Synesty support Multitenancy? Can I manage multiple teams, projects, customers with it?
Billing: How exactly does the billing work?
Where can I find resources and videos to learn Synesty?
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