Because I want to make technical processes in the team more visible and understandable.

As a developer, I am responsible for the technical implementation of all interfaces and processes as well as the evaluation of new software products. Every day I am swamped with requirements.

That's why I want to:

  • checkedImplement API integrations faster than with programming
  • checkedAvoid knowledge islands - all colleagues should know and understand our integrations
  • checkedrely on a scalable integration platform, for simple and complex requirements
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Synesty for Developers / DIY Coders

Our solution

No Code and Low Code - all in one tool

We know that you can code and do everything that can be done with Synesty yourself. But does the following sound familiar? Another new system, a new data feed, a new interface, still 10 unfinished projects and many other important topics that need your expertise as a programmer?

With Synesty you can connect APIs and interfaces very quickly with visual building blocks. The advantage is that you can build integrations in a way that even your "non-developer"-colleagues from the business departments can understand them and also make simple adjustments. This relieves you as a developer and offers the company a wide range of applications.

Synesty bundles in one tool pre-built steps (building blocks) for assembling flows with the option of customizing them by adding scripting code. As a developer you benefit from faster development cycles and still keep full control by the possibility to use scripting / code as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still code if I want to - e.g. IF-THEN logic or loops?
Can I reuse individual blocks or can flows call other flows?
Can I trigger flows via webhook / URL from other systems?
Does Synesty support Multitenancy? Can I manage multiple teams, projects, customers with it?
Billing: How exactly does the billing work?
Where can I find resources and videos to learn Synesty?
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