Because the automation of digital business processes is essential for the success of our company.

As a leader, I don't build integrations myself, but I do have the responsibility to make sure our team is using the best solutions to achieve our goals.

That's why I want to:

  • checkedhave a unified solution for integrations, marketing automation and data management
  • checkedA tool that meets DSGVO and compliance requirements
  • checkedSimple billing without paper
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Synesty for CEOs

Our solution

Central data hub for your team and all systems

Does the following also apply to your company? All systems ERP (SAP etc.), online store, marketplaces, supplier data, product data management (PIM), ads campaigns are somehow connected and have to communicate with each other. Interfaces are a cost-intensive ongoing issue?

Synesty enables centralized management of large amounts of data. This allows your team to build integrations and automations efficiently without programming. This unburdens your programmers and empowers non-developers, who have no programming skills, to develop individual solutions for your department (keyword Citizen Developer and No Code).

All in all, the many automation options save you valuable time that you can invest in other areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my employees trained?
How does Synesty handle privacy / GDPR?
Does Synesty support Multitenancy? Can I manage multiple teams, projects, customers with it?
Billing: How exactly does the billing work?
Where can I find resources and videos to learn Synesty?
Synesty Support

Together we will find the perfect solution for your company.

If you still have questions about your individual application, we can advise you personally.
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How you can make the best use of the variety of data flow automation options for your business?

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