25 expert tips for optimizing your Synesty usage

Proven strategies and insider tips from the Synesty experts

25 expert tips for optimizing your Synesty usage

In our latest learning video, you will get practical insights with 25 tips and functions for using Synesty more efficiently. This video is aimed at both beginners and experienced users who want to improve their skills. From clever workarounds to increasing efficiency, these tips offer valuable inspiration.

Here are the 25 insider tips to get the most out of Synesty:

Tip 1 - No installation required

How to start directly from your browser without having to download our software or install it on a device, as Synesty is a cloud-based software.

Tip 2 - Add-ons and interests

How to search for an add-on and add it to your list of interests. Our wide range of add-ons covers various store systems, pricing tools, communication, databases, accounting and cloud storage.

Tip 3 - Create Flow

In this tip, you will learn how to create a flow in the project of your choice.

Tip 4 - Add first step

How to select a suggested step or search for a specific step using the search function and integrate it into your flow.

Tip 5 - Change flow name, group name, description with a click

How you can customize or name numerous text elements such as flow names, group names and group descriptions for an improved overview and your own documentation. This function is particularly useful in extensive flows with numerous functions.

Tip 6 - Flow description changeable in Markdown

How to customize the description of your flow and use the additional Markdown functionality to highlight certain keywords for precise documentation, for example by bolding or underlining.

Tip 7 - Step Help

How you can use this help function to better understand the respective step by receiving information on the inputs and outputs. You can also go one step further and read more details in our manual.

Tip 8 - Add more steps

How you can easily add another step to your flow.

Tip 9 - Move the order of the steps using drag & drop

How you can adjust the order of the steps in your flow by simply dragging them up and down. You have the option of deciding whether the steps should be automatically linked to the previous step.

Tip 10 - Move steps to other groups using drag & drop

How the drag & drop function can also be used to move steps to other groups.

Tip 11 - Search function in Flow

How you can use the search function in Flow to quickly find out where which step was used by entering the step name or an ID in order to access the desired step directly and keep an overview at the same time.

Tip 12 - Numbers on the stepbox

Find out what information the numbers in the step box provide and which step uses the output. Discover what is displayed when hovering over the number and what the small info about the step means.

Tip no. 13 - Giving step groups colors

In this tip you will learn what options the "Edit all steps" function offers, how to assign colors to the steps in addition to the copy and delete functions and how you can change the name of the steps and adjust their position in this view.

Tip no. 14 - Mass editing

How to select and edit multiple steps.

Tip no. 15 - Shortcut hotkeys

This tip is about some important keyboard shortcuts that will make your work with Synesty much easier.

Tip no. 16 - Flowgraph

Learn how useful the flowgraph can be for large flows to recognize which step is linked to which. This function is particularly helpful if you need a different representation of your flow, for example due to its complexity.

Tip no. 17 - Test mode for variables

How to use the test mode, for example to restrict execution to a specific item. Learn how to save the ID of the desired article in a test variable.

Tip 18 - Invite users

If you use your Synesty account with a team, find out how you can invite other users to your account. This way, several employees can work together on a project and view the same flows or datastores.

Tip 19 - Workspaces

How you can use workspaces to elegantly separate completely separate and autonomous systems or tasks that do not require the same data.

Tip 20 - Sandbox Workspace

How you can use the Sandbox Workspace and try out all add-ons free of charge in this test environment.

Tip 21 - Search field

If you have been working with Synesty for some time and have several flows or datastores, for example, this tip will show you how you can use the search function to avoid time-consuming clicking around in the projects

Tip 22 - Help area

This tip draws your attention to the central Synesty help area, which you can access from anywhere. The video explains what information you can find there.

Tip 23 - Darkmode

If you prefer to work in dark mode, we will show you how to set this up in this tip

Tip 24 - Exporting data

How to use the option to export data such as individual mapping sets as a JSON file and even import it again.

Tip 25 - Backup function

How to back up your entire account using the backup function and request and download a .zip file with all your configurations.


This video presents 25 expert tips, ranging from basic features to advanced techniques, to optimize your use of Synesty. These hands-on insights not only provide a comprehensive overview of the many capabilities of our software, but also provide effective strategies to improve your workflows. The tips offer concrete impulses to specifically increase efficiency and flexibility when using Synesty.

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Last updated March 19, 2024
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