Synesty helps you to connect your systems and automate your business processes.

Simple – professional – no programming required



Automate with simple Drag&Drop.
Less manual work reduce errors and save you valuable time. 

APIs and Connectors

No time-consuming projects to connect different systems. There are modules for different systems like ERP, shops or marketplaces. You will be much faster than an coding every manually.

Data Quality

High quality data feeds are the main requirement for automation of business processes. Simply create, monitor and optimize data feeds to save time and money.


What can I do with Synesty Studio?

You automate backend-processes and data exchange with drag&drop – without coding.  
You are a shop owner, E-Commerce or IT-Manager.

Connect systems

There are many Add-Ons for e-commerce, ERP, CRM and more: Shopware, Magento, plentymarkets, Amazon Vendor Central, veloconnect, PIXI, PriceMinister, Hitmeister or AddressDoctor.
Integrations and Connectors

Data Feed Optimization

With Synesty Studio you can optimize existing Data Feeds without touching your shop. This is ideal for handling all the various data format requirements of price comparison sites.

Integrate product data

Synchronize product or order data between ERP, online shop, suppliers or market places. Export purchase orders in different formats e.g. for dropshipping formats.

Sync stock and prices

Avoid overselling or overbooking by automating stock and price updates with data from your ERP or suppliers.

Improve Data Quality

How is my data? Automatically check the quality of your data (e.g. completeness, syntax) by defining custom logic and rules. Get notifications when errors or strange things happen.

Google Shopping and AdWords

Bad data quality can cause reduced visibility and thus less revenue of your campaigns. Optimize your data feeds by enriching or removing of incomplete data – Without touching your shop.


Excel, CSV or XML Files: You can work with all kinds of data formats. Also HTTP-Webservices and APIs can be connected in a generic manner.

Data Integration and Matching

Different systems – different IDs, numbers or categories which need to be matched. Synesty Studio provides many ways to create mappingsets and rules to harmonize properties of different systems.

Different Data Sources

It does not matter where your data is coming from or going to. You can connect to different data sources and transfers like HTTP(S), (S)FTP or also Cloud services like Amazon S3, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Reasons for Synesty Studio

Use the advantages or a Cloud-solution and our professional support.

No risk. Cancel monthly.

Start small and grow as you need. You pay per month and can cancel at any time, every month.

Your Data hosted in Germany

Synesty Studio is Cloud Solution. That means: No installation, 24/7 availability. Data is secured by high encryption standards and the strict privacy law of the European Union. Our data center is located in Germany.

Professional Support

We support you from first minute: Support Forum, Documentation, Videos, Support-Ticket, personal Setup-Training via Screensharing or individual trainings for your team. Just ask!

Save Time

Automate everything. Reduce manual processes which means less errors and more time.

Do it yourself

No need for a programmer. Just do things yourself. It is easy! Just try right now!

Instant results

See results during the first day. Connect APIs or process data imports – You can start right now.

Many data sources and connectors

Connect APIs and interfaces via Drag&Drop instead of programming. Live-Preview instead of Trial&Error. 
E-Commerce-Systems, Data Feed Optimization, Data Import & Data Export, Data Enrichment and more.


Our customers like it!


How does it work?

Steps and Drag&Drop…no coding.

Automation with Flows

Flows are like recipes – and Steps are the ingredients.
Automate your individual processes with Flows. Flows can be scheduled or triggered by URL or manually. There are templates for common tasks to get you started faster. 

Try the flow tutorial

transformy editor

Improve Data Quality

You can use Datastores to store data.
Why? E.g. some customers use it to create a product-master-database which can be enriched by multiple data sources. Datastores also help to recognize new and existing records. Different filters and functions can be used to analyze, clean and improve your data quality.

Automate & integrate

If a Flow is configured there are different ways to trigger and execute it:

  • automated by interval (e.g. every 15m, 1 x day etc.)
  • or individual start times per day
  • externally by URL (e.g. by external applications or bookmark)
  • or manual execution (e.g. if you need to execute not often)



Mapping & Translation of values

When different systems exchange data some kind of translation is always required. For example translating your own shop-categories into the category taxonomy of Google Shopping
Mappingsets can be used to automate this translation from source values into target values. They can be maintained in a central location, reused and applied to any kind of data or columns. 

funnel cloud4

Watch and see yourself…


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