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Data feed optimization

Improve your ranking through better data feeds for
Google Shopping, AdWords and price search engines.

What is a Data feed?


In e-commerce, a data feed or product data feed usually refers to a CSV or XML file containing article data. These files are exported from one system (shop or WaWi) and made available to another system (e.g. price search engines like idealo, marketplaces like Amazon or eBay or Google Shopping / Product Listing Ads) so that they can then display and sell the products.

Every shop system has an export function to create such a file. But often the shop owner has no influence on the generation and the data feed is difficult to adapt. This makes it difficult to generate exactly the format required. The result is that the feed is rejected by e.g. the Google Shopping Merchant Center and in the worst case the account is blocked because the data feed contains too many errors. Errors can be many different things, e.g. that certain column names are not included or that comma is used instead of dot as decimal separator for prices.

With Synesty Studio you can improve and optimise data feeds and automate the entire process.


Examples for data feed optimization


  • Enrich product titles with keywords (better found)
  • Limit title to maximum length
  • Filter out articles without image URL
  • Remove article with 0,00 EUR prices
  • Remove special characters or line breaks from description texts
  • Calculate prices and surcharges (e.g. per brand, manufacturer, sales channel) to compensate for sales commissions (keyword: automatic repricing)
  • Apply IF-THEN logic to specific columns (similar to spreadsheet programs such as Excel or OpenOffice)
  • Removal and filtering of products containing certain prohibited words
  • Category mapping (e.g. translation of your own shop categories into those of Google Shopping)

These are just a few examples of how data feeds can be improved, cleansed and optimized in order to increase your sales opportunities in the portals.


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Please make sure that prices, availability and delivery times correspond with the information on the product page of your shop. Google can read your shop website and recognize if data in the feed deviate. In the worst case, this can lead to the blocking of your Merchant Center account.

I would like to optimize my data feed automatically on a regular basis. Can your tool do this? “


Yes. Automation is the core of Synesty Studio. How well the feed can be improved depends largely on the data quality of the output data. You can implement the optimisation yourself with a few simple tools. You should only think about what exactly should be improved. The Google Merchant Center gives good advice on errors and problems. It is exactly these problems that you should address. 

Once the process is set up (one-time effort), the optimized feed can be automatically transferred to Google (usually FTP or URL – adjustable in the Merchant Center). 


Try to answer the following questions:

  • What does my own data look like? (source format)
  • What should the data feed look like in the end? (Target format, e.g. feed specification from Google)
  • What is currently wrong and what must be done to get from the source format to the target format? (how would you do it e.g. with Excel?)

If you are able to describe this in your own words, as in a recipe, this process can be automated with Synesty Studio. Direct access to the interfaces and APIs of shop systems such as Magento, Shopware or plentymarkets makes it particularly easy to create individual product data feeds for these systems. For all other systems without direct connection, CSV and XML files can also be accessed via FTP.

How much is it?

Why don’t you try it out for yourself in peace and quiet? In the free test phase (unlimited time) you can test all functions and quickly get first results – without risk. 

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