Overcoming inhibitions and using learning opportunities

A guide to effective learning in Synesty

Overcoming inhibitions and using learning opportunities

In e-commerce, smooth interfaces and efficient connections are crucial to a company's success. Companies are often faced with the challenge of implementing complex integration projects quickly and effectively.

Philipp's dilemma: Complex integration projects and their impact on collaboration

Philipp, as the owner of an agency, knows this problem all too well. Every one of his projects revolves around connecting interfaces between stores, marketplaces, ads, ERP, PIM, suppliers and many other software solutions. Unfortunately, the "wheel is often reprogrammed" for each project, which impairs cooperation between the customer and the team, as the programming code is often difficult to understand.

The Synesty solution: No code and ready-made interfaces for fast integrations

That's why we developed Synesty to overcome precisely this challenge. With no code and our pre-built interfaces, we not only enable fast integrations, but also help to improve communication between companies and their customers. and their customers.

Philipp's experience: Independent implementation and enthusiasm for effortless projects

After Philipp learned about this solution, he now takes care of these issues on his own - thanks to No Code - and enjoys successful projects in less time. He realizes his first project and is so enthusiastic about the simplicity that he decides to become a Synesty partner. The advantages of a partnership are obvious.

With Synesty, his team can implement interface and automation projects much faster than with individual programming. Communication in the project improves thanks to the visual no-code approach. Philipp can continue to work and advise independently. His customers can also make minor adjustments themselves, for example through the role and authorization concept.


Partnerships are essential in order to meet the constantly growing requirements for interfaces and connections. Synesty proves to be an innovative solution to enable efficient integrations and improve collaboration between agencies, like Philipp's, and their clients. The visual no-code platform not only makes integration projects faster, but also easier to understand and more accessible for all parties involved. Synesty is therefore not just a tool, but a key partner on the way to successful projects and satisfied customers.

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Last updated November 29, 2023
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