Overcoming inhibitions and using learning opportunities

A guide to effective learning in Synesty

Overcoming inhibitions and using learning opportunities

In the ever-changing world of technology, it's essential to integrate new software and tools into your workflow to work more efficiently and competitively. Synesty, a powerful process automation tool, offers a variety of features, add-ons and templates to optimize your company's workflow. The trial period is free and unlimited, and you have full access to all resources - with only a limit of 25 records.

Despite these promising benefits, the introduction of a new tool can be daunting. The challenge is to familiarize yourself with Synesty and understand how the tool works. We are aware of this challenge and have created a comprehensive help section to make it easier for you both to get started and to use our tool at an advanced level.

The Synesty Help Center - your one-stop shop for learning resources

The Synesty help section offers a wealth of learning programs for beginners and advanced users. Whether you are just starting out or want to deepen your knowledge, we have the right resources for you.

Video training program for beginners

Our "Learn and get started" section is specially designed for newcomers. Here you will find a variety of video tutorials that will introduce you to the basic functions and working methods of Synesty. These lessons are easy to understand and allow you to learn at your own pace.

Manual and tutorial videos

For those who prefer written instructions, our comprehensive manual is available. All relevant information about Synesty is documented here for reference when needed. In addition, we offer numerous tutorial and quick tip videos that cover specific topics and provide you with practical insights into the application.

Search function for targeted help

Our search bar allows you to search for solutions to your specific problems. Simply enter a keyword related to your issue and get immediate suggestions. From flows to advanced settings, we have the answers you need.

Request help and support

If you still can't find a solution to your problem, our support team is ready to help you. Under "Request help" you can contact our support team directly and receive individual assistance.

Fazit: Conclusion: Discover, try, learn!

The inhibition threshold to use a new tool may be noticeable at the beginning, but with our comprehensive help section, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with Synesty. Test Synesty at your own pace with our free and unlimited trial period. Explore our building block principle by combining building blocks individually and developing both simple processes and complex logics. The results will be visible immediately and we hope you will not only enjoy it, but also discover more exciting features.

To the free test phase

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Last updated November 29, 2023
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