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Combine and consolidate of data sources

Standardize data from different files and web services

In some cases it is necessary to merge different files and data sources to create a new file. A simple example with 2 files:

  • file A: order number, title and description
  • file B: order number, price and stock

With Synesty Studio datastores you are able to merge these files in the datastore to get a new file. This file includes all sums and fields (order number, title, description, price and stock). It is typical for repricing, data feeds for price portals and AdWords-campaigns or to connect different suppliers to the online shop.

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Synesty Studio supports different data sources (HTTP(S), (S)FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive and more) and data formats (CSV, TAB-divided, XML, Excel XLS)

In this way your are sovereign and able to connect different systems from external partners for data exchange or data transform.


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Heiko Woywodt
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