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About Synesty

Synesty – the professional solution
for connecting and automating without programming.

Was macht Synesty und was sagen die Anwender?

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What is Synesty Studio?

Connect & Automate

Synesty Studio is a cloud middleware that allows you to automate business processes and connect various API interfaces and software systems via drag & drop.  The whole thing works directly in the browser and you can implement many processes without programming (low code). An integrated script language is also available for complex use cases.

A typical use case in e-commerce is the data exchange between shop, merchandise management / ERP and supplier systems. The software is aimed at shop managers and agencies, for example, who use it to automate business processes and are flexible and independent thanks to the “do it yourself” approach. Ready-made modules and templates are available for connecting the various systems, so that you can get started immediately. 

A free and unlimited test phase invites you to try it out. For productive use, packages and add-ons can be booked monthly depending on the required scope of services. 



Anwendungen von Synesty Studio?

Unsere Kunden setzen Synesty Studio erfolgreich ein, um:

  • Connecting interfaces (REST-API, web services)
  • generate and optimize data feeds (e.g. Google Shopping or Repricing)
  • Connecting suppliers (supplier binding and dropshipping)
  • automate data exchange between systems (example: shopware – plentymarkets interface)
  • Connecting systems to Amazon Vendor Central via EDI interface
  • to connect online shops with marketplaces
  • update prices, stocks and availabilities daily
  • Export orders and delivery notes
  • combine and consolidate multiple data sources
  • Convert file formats (XML,CSV,Excel, JSON)
  • automate data exchange via FTP, HTTP, Dropbox or Google Drive
Read more about application areas and examples of use.


01 Our Team

At Synesty, experienced software developers are constantly working on new features to save you time so that you can concentrate on the really important issues. You do not need any programming knowledge and can rely on the friendly and helpful support provided by Synesty. After all, the customer and his individual wishes are our top priority. Contact us today and see for yourself!


02 Our customers

Our software is aimed at online retailers, agencies, shop managers, e-commerce directors and IT managers who want to operate more efficiently on the market through automation and therefore need a professional solution.

03 Our Software

Is a kind of “universal adapter for the Internet”: a cloud middleware solution that can be used to connect different software systems – like a construction kit. This allows digital business processes and interfaces to be automated very quickly without programming. 


Company history

10 years Interfaces without programming

Synesty GmbH has its company headquarters in Jena, Thuringia. The company was founded in 2010 to develop cloud software that meets the new challenges of automation and data exchange in e-commerce. 

Online trade is booming and many retailers and companies are confronted with the task of coordinating increasingly complex processes between different systems. This is precisely where Synesty comes in with its SaaS solution Synesty Studio. Systems which previously had to be synchronised with each other through complicated, manual input, such as merchandise management, shop systems or marketplaces, can now be connected with each other in a simple manner.



Short profile

Companyname: Synesty GmbH
Founder & Managing Director: Christoph Rüger
Year of foundation: 2010
Company headquarters: Jena / Thüringen
Contact: zum Kontaktformular
Press: zum Pressebereich (Logos, etc.)


Your contact person in sales

…with Synesty to success in e-business

We are…



With us the customer is in the foreground!

Let us know your wishes and ideas – no matter which way.



You can rely on us!

Your data is safe with us – thanks to our computer centre in Germany and the use of modern encryption. 



We are constantly developing ourselves further!

We observe trends and develop novel features that drive your business and simplify your work.



Together we achieve more!

Through our network of partners and agencies, our customers have access to specialists in various fields. You too can become a partner.  



We work on concrete solutions!

We develop tailor-made solutions that fit your company-specific needs.



You know best what you want.

This is why you can make adjustments to our software yourself at any time or make use of our professional support. 

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