An interview with our new partner Mateusz Zmuda

An interview with our new partner Mateusz Zmuda

We are happy to have a new partner in our community, whom we want to introduce to you today. Mateusz Zmuda is shopware freelancer and comes from Poland, so we did the interview with him in English.

Hello Mateusz welcome to our interface universe. Introduce yourself and your agency.

My name is Mateusz Zmuda and I am a shopware freelancer. My journey with programming started in 2010 and since 2013 I have been working with a shopware. After a few years of working in the shopware I have accomplished more than 100 e-commerce projects and wrote more than 200 plugins. I live in Poland (ca. 170 km far from Berlin).

What is the focus of your business activities?

The main focus of my business is related to the whole shopware ecosystem. Basically, I help my clients to dive into the e-commerce world. It means that I am responsible for all steps that are important for a successful start with an online shop, starting from a template design, through shop implementation, ending with a long term support and constant optimization. One of my business activities is the integration of various 3-rd part system like: payments’ modules and shipping api providers, and WAWI. I am also an official shopware plugin manufacturer.

How did the collaboration with Synesty come about?

I got an email from a new client with an information that his current shopware agency does not have time to manage his shop. He was already using Synesty and he had a new project that required a shopware integration with his shipping partner. In general, the shipping company required the csv file with the information about orders, and those files had to be sent every day on a selected server via ftp. After I finished this project I realized that Synesty was perfect for this task.

What topics and projects do you use Synesty Studio for?

There are a plenty of different projects but mainly I am using it for:

  • 3-rd system integration,
  • Wawi integration,
  • Marketplace synchronization (orders, items etc.),
  • other small projects that make the life of my clients easier :)

What kind of clients do you look after?

Basically, everyone who has a problem with a shopware or who wants to resolve his problem using Synesty. (I often face situations in which clients just do not realize that their problems can be resolved via Synesty).

How does a project like this work for you?

Taking into account the project that I have completed, Synesty works perfectly with most of 3-rd part integrations. For example, to integrate such a system I only need to read a few lines of API documentation.

Let’s take as an example of integrating the shopware with the shipping partners.

Without Synesty I would need to write a plugin that will implement the following functions:

  1. connecting via ftp,
  2. sending an email,
  3. parsing orders data,
  4. implementation of cron function,
  5. stay compatibile with newer shopware versions.

This kind of Individual plugin development requires good technical knowledge of the system and time that affects the final cost of the project. In case of Synesty, I only need to know how to use one API method from the shopware (in this case Order endpoint), and all the other things, like email sending, parsing structure and saving to CSV file, can be done with a few clicks.

What sets you apart from other agencies?

As a freelancer I am more flexible in communication, i.e. my client chooses what is the most suitable way to communicate with me, it can be Skype, Whatsapp, e-mail or Jira.

Additionally, there is no complicated company structure that contains a project manager, a team leader, a developer, etc. When you want to talk about your business or you have any technical questions you still talk to the same person (and it has a positive impact on the project’s speed as well).

I also guarantee the good price/quality ratio :)

Thank you very much for taking your time and answering our questions. We are looking forward to working with you!

If you want to know more about Mateusz then you can visit his website here. You are also welcome to have a look at his partner profile.

Do you also want to become a Synesty partner? Then you can find out more here.

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