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Test phase

Try Synesty Studio as long as you like. We will explain the most important terms so that you can try everything at your leisure before you rent our software.


Here we answer frequently asked questions about our free and unlimited test phase.

Test it now for free

Try out all functions – as long as you want.

What risk do I have?

Test before you rent.

Our test phase is free and unlimited in time. You have access to all add-ons, templates, other functions and to our manual, forum and knowledge base

You have no risk in the test phase. There are no hidden costs.
Your functional range corresponds to the starter package but is limited to 25 data sets. Only if you actively book a package or add-on with costs to extend your range of functions can costs arise for you.

Use all add-ons
and functions.

Create an interface
for their individual
Use case.

Test your interface
with 25 data lines.

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