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Synesty Studio is a cloud middleware for connection & automation. You can use it to connect your applications without programming, simply by Drag&Drop.

A look inside the Software

Take a look at the user-interface and the most important features of Synesty Studio.


Your Drag&Drop Data-Hub

Synesty Studio is a cloud middleware that allows you to automate business processes and connect various API interfaces and software systems via drag and drop. The whole thing works directly in the browser and you can implement many processes without programming (Nocode / Lowcode).

Flows & Steps, Datastores, Mappingsets, Snippets and a powerful Mapping Editor are available for this purpose, which can be combined with each other and installed by Add-Ons and templates.
For complex use cases, there is also an integrated scripting language that can also be used to map logics (if/then).

Our software is a cloud solution which does not need to be installed. All you need is an Internet connection and you can then access Synesty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a browser.

Data protection and DSGVO

We take data protection very seriously and will never pass on your data to third parties. You are the data owner! Through the use of encryption techniques we do everything possible to prevent access to your data.

The Synesty computer centre is located in Germany. You can sign an order processing contract (AV contract) electronically in the back end.


The modular system

Our vision is a “do it yourself” building kit  for creating connectors and automation
without programming simply by Drag & Drop.

The “Nocode” principle

Our vision

The programming of individual software solutions to connect APIs and automate business processes is time and cost intensive. One is often dependent on service providers for implementation, and they never have time.

How would it be if you could simply do it yourself?

We have developed Synesty Studio to solve these problems. A tool with which you can build interfaces and automations without any programming knowledge. Knowledge of Excel and an idea of how data and API interfaces basically work is helpful.
The whole thing is a construction kit which can be used to implement simple as well as complex processes and which can grow with the requirements.

With the help of different steps (building blocks), flows (sequence chains/processes) can be created, which are necessary for an automated procedure. In doing so, one can fall back on many sample templates or design completely new flows, depending on the company-specific ideas. Flows can be created simply by drag & drop.

This allows you to build processes that automatically synchronize product data between merchandise management and the online shop or transfer order data in various formats to drop-shipping suppliers.

Learn more about the use cases.


The building blocks

Synesty - Baukasten

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01 Steps

01 Steps

Synesty Studio contains ready-made steps which you can adapt to your own individual needs. With these different steps, you can then click together your process by drag & drop. We call this process Flow.

02 Flow

02 Flow

A flow is the process you can automate, which consists of individual steps. A flow is comparable to a script that contains commands that are processed. You can execute it manually or time-controlled.

03 Triggers

03 Triggers

Flows can be started in different ways: Manually, time-controlled and by URL from outside. A run is then a single execution of a flow. Each package contains a certain number of runs. These can also be increased by upgrades or billing according to consumption, as required. There are an infinite number of runs in a Flow+.

04 Datastores

04 Datastores

InDatastores you can save data in tabular form, similar to Excel spreadsheets. Datastores are required if you want to store data temporarily. This is often necessary for integrations, e.g. to store master data that is needed repeatedly in different processes or to identify changed data.

05 Add-Ons

05 Add-Ons

Our add-ons are another important component of our construction kit. An Add-On can be installed and contains steps, functions and templates.

06 Templates

06 Templates

Templates are ready-made flows, i.e. processes that you can use and adapt for your individual application.

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