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Repricing and individual price calculation

Automate your own price calculation e.g. by brand, manufacturer, sales channel or price range

Competitive prices are an important key to success in e-commerce.


Many online retailers know the positive effects of positioning their product range at the top of the relevant price portals or marketplaces, and over time each retailer develops sophisticated strategies and calculation rules to optimise prices. Recently, many customers have been using so-called repricing tools. These tools continuously determine the current competitive prices for the respective trader’s assortment on various platforms such as Amazon or Ebay. As a result, these tools can generate a CSV file, for example, which contains the lowest competitive price per product.

This list is ideal for applying your own rules for price calculation. With Synesty Studio, you can automate these calculations by setting up the rules once and then applying them to the new CSV file of the Repricing Tool each time and creating your own price-optimised data feed from it. You can be very creative.

Price markups per brand, manufacturer, sales channel or price range can be realized in combination with a minimum and maximum price. You can then import the newly calculated prices directly into your own online shop via the existing interfaces.

Use the many possibilities to develop your own formulas for calculating your prices. Depending on the scope of the requirement, it is also possible to store a calculation matrix as a table in a database or Excel file, which is then used in the price calculation.



Connection to repricing providers


For the repricing provider BENY, pricemonitor (Patagona) and there are add-ons and templates, which makes the connection very easy and fast. The processes can also be adapted at any time for individual rules and logic. 

Due to the many options Synesty Studio offers for connecting to external systems, our customers have already connected various other repricing engines. The connection can often be implemented very simply by exchanging CSV files, but more complex connections via XML or API interfaces are also possible and have already been implemented. 


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