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Dropshipping API & supplier connector

Synchronize product data and orders
between shop and suppliers.

What is Dropshipping?


Dropshipping (or drop-shipping) is a trend in which online retailers no longer maintain their own warehouse, but instead have it taken over by a dropshipping supplier. Data is exchanged between the retailer and the supplier via an interface. 

In simple terms, it works like this: The supplier informs the online retailer which goods are still available (stock, availability, purchase price (EK), discount, notified delivery time). The online retailer transmits incoming orders to the supplier, who takes care of shipping the goods. The supplier connection is then often implemented via CSV or XML files and a server for data exchange such as FTP or SFTP. 

Synesty Studio as dropshipping API / CSV interface


As described on the page on e-commerce interfaces, data exchange between shop and supplier can be completely automated via Synesty Studio. Suppliers supply the product data as a CSV or XML data feed via FTP or as a URL and also expect the orders back as a file in a specific format (e.g. openTRANS XML).

Synesty Studio offers extensive interfaces and connections to systems such as online shops, merchandise management or marketplaces in order to implement supplier connections. Such as 


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