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CRM and shop interface

Automatically import all new customer data from your shop into the CRM

Why CRM integration with Synesty?


If you want to display complete customer communication and history at the push of a button, there is no way around a CRM system. This is the only way to guarantee the automatic linking of orders, customer enquiries, e-mails, letters and telephone calls with the corresponding contact. With Synesty Studio, you can build your own interface, e.g. to create customer data from new orders directly in the CRM as a contact. The reverse method of retrieving contact data is also possible. This opens up many possibilities for enriching data feeds with information from the CRM.

Since the purchase history of your customers is usually also stored there, you could, for example, create data feeds with the bestsellers of different regions. It is up to your creativity how you use the possibilities.



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Why Synesty?

Benefit from a fast and flexible solution.

  • Connect applications simply by drag & drop
  • Automate business processes
  • Without programming knowledge
  • No modification of your systems necessary
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