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Synesty Studio can be used for a wide range of applications.
Here are some examples of what our middleware can be used for.

Find Add-Ons

Many finished interfaces and functions can be booked as add-ons.

Connections of our consumers

Can you see which systems our customers have connected with Synesty Studio?

Examples of use

What can Synesty be used for?

“Interfaces, that sounds complicated.”

Knowledge of Excel is enough.

With Synesty, interfaces are no longer a problem for you. With us, you can connect various interfaces and data sources and manipulate data with functions similar to those in Excel.

Our customers have already implemented a large number of connections to systems and interfaces. Synesty was used as a middleware connector to connect the systems with each other.

However, they can also use Synesty as a feed engine to manipulate their data in terms of data quality or simply to create repricing and individual price calculations.


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