Pricing for every stage

Test for free as long as you want.
All base packs can be extended by Upgrades or Add-Ons - ideal for growing requirements.
Just scroll for the Add-Ons.

Add-Ons & Templates

Add-Ons contain new features and functions.
Templates will install example flows which you can use for your own customizations.


When your limits are exceeded you can increase them individually with Upgrades.

Service, Support and Training

You need support setting up your flows or implementing a larger integration?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the registration really for free?
How do I find out what Add-Ons I need?
Can I test all Steps and Add-Ons before purchasing?
What are Flows, Steps, Datastores und Upgrades?
How can I predict what limits I need?
Can I skip flows at night or on the weekend to save traffic?
How does upgrades of the base-pack work?
Which payment methods are available?
Billing: How exactly does the billing work?
My invoice has been in status 'open' for several weeks and I have not yet had a debit to my account. Is something wrong?
Can I cancel at any time?
Why was the account debited again despite my cancellation?
  • 1All prices including VAT
  • 2Content is the 1st hour of the normal Basic Training. If desired, the free hour can be credited when booking the paid basic training. In this case, the price of the basic training is reduced by 50%. The offer is only valid for new customers (once per company) when booking a paid basic package (Plus or Professional) for Synesty Studio for the first time. A payout of the offer is not possible and the offer is not transferable.
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