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Branding Pack with Logos and graphics

Our branding pack contains our style guide, logos and graphics in various formats.

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Primary Logos

The main logo consists of wordmark and figurative mark. The figurative mark is the flower at the end of the word mark. Wherever possible, we try to use the main logo in full color.

These logos are used when the primary or full-color logos are not an option. Use the monotone logo that provides the most contrast with the background. Here are a few conditions that make using our primary full color logos impossible:

  • monochrome print media
  • when accurate color representations are not achievable
  • on busy or patterned backgrounds or backgrounds without enough contrast

The Synesty Flower

In some cases the Synesty flower, can stand without the brandname.

  • when the readability of the logo is compromised
  • in a situation where the brand is already established.
  • In our software
  • at an event
  • when the space is extremely limited
  • when the logo must be displayed in a square or circular shape like and app icon

For the logo to work it needs enough space. To maintain its visual impact in any composition, always make an "X" around our logo.