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Shipping optimization for plentymarkets with automatic adress validation


Invalid adresses stands for expensive parcels and shipping responses


Many plentymarkets users know the problem: The shipping tool DHL criticizes wrong adresses and parcels get more expensive. Especially by orders from other channels like ebay or Amazon. Here exists no adress validation at the checkout like maybe in your own plentymarkets shop.The shop operator or shipping employee hasn´t got the chance to change the adress except they cancel the whole order, to correct the adress and start from the beginning. This workflow is time-consuming and error-prone.

The problem-solving approach

 A better way is to correct the parcels before they are shipped and identify the invalid adresses in apron. The plentymarket shipping tool would only get correct adresses and work accurate.

With Synesty Studio and the available Informatica AddressDoctor Add-On it is no problem any more.

With the e-commerce automatization solution Synesty Studio you can create automated processes, so called Flows, which you can customize to your individual needs. For the preparation you can use different components, so called steps, which you can combine with each other.

These processes are triggered timecontrolled, manual or via URL from outside e.g. over external tools.

An example flow

Ein Flow besteht aus aneinandergereihten Steps, die nacheinander abgearbeitet werden. Jeder Step kann dabei Ergebnisse vorheriger Steps weiterverarbeiten.


A flow persists of string steps which work successive after each other. Every step process further the results of the earlier steps.

With the following flow you can realize the solution:

  1. new orders are recalled by plentymarkets
  2. Adress doctor checks the shipping adresses
  3. the result will be evaluate and incorrect adresses are filtered out
  4. orders with incorrect adresses are marked (e.g. interim status 5.2) they will not be shipped and corrected by an employee.
  5. The shipping starts with the correct adresses and the corrected adresses are shipped later.

This process is flexible and can be adjust or extend. It is also possible to send an automatic e-mail to the shipping employee, if wrong adresses occur.

There exist many various opportunities. A practical example you can see in the this video.

Advantages, if you use Synesty Studio and Informatica AddressDoctor:

  • find incorrect addresses e.g. street and zip-code do not match or contain typing errors
  • identify and mark orders containing such incorrect addresses
  • works for addresses from 240+ countries and terretories
  • is based on monthly updated reference data by Informatica AddressDoctor
  • enables correct and on-time delivery
  • supports fraud-protection
  • save money and avoid returns due to incorrect addresses
  • reduce costs of packaging and shipping
  • satisfied customers

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