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Magento-plentymarkets interface

A case study for synchronization of shop and merchandise management

An online shop for party decorations uses Synesty Studio to connect its Magento shop to plentymarkets and synchronise inventory, prices and order data.

In order to further expand the online business with eBay and Amazon, our customer has been using plentymarkets software together with a Magento shop system since March 2014. In addition to central management of items in the role of an online merchandise management plentymarkets is also used as a multi-channel interface to eBay and Amazon. The challenge in the project was to continue using the existing Magento-based online shop. Therefore an interface between both systems had to be created. This interface should automate the most important processes such as supplier connection with price and inventory update as well as the exchange of order data / orders between Magento, plentymarkets and a supplier.
With the help of our e-commerce automation solution Synesty Studio, the complete interface was implemented and automated within just two weeks. Synesty Studio allows e-commerce processes to be automated without any programming knowledge and offers a convenient editor for this purpose, which works in a browser. The plentymarkets add-on and the new Magento interface provide the necessary functions to connect both systems.

Thanks to the flexible options for combining steps and flows in Synesty Studio, almost all special requests and ideas that came up during the course of the project could be implemented. Above all, the issue of inventory distribution was a sticking point. It had to be ensured that incoming orders from external channels would also lead to a reduction in stock in the Magento Shop. Another special feature was the division of plentymarkets items into eBay offer and main inventory items. Here it was necessary to distribute the available inventory evenly among the eBay listings to avoid overselling. All this could be solved with existing steps without programming a single line. The customer was especially happy that the existing Magento Shop, in which a lot of time and money had already been invested, could continue to operate and in addition the advantages of plentymarkets could be used. Thus a nice reference for a bidirectional plentymarkets Magento interface was created.

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More information about the Magento – plentymarkets interface

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