Veloconnect connectivity with Synesty

Synesty Studio enables retailers and suppliers in the bicycle industry to automate backend processes for exchanging item data and orders between merchandise management, online stores and marketplaces.

Veloconnect connectivity with Synesty

About Veloconnect

velo.connect is an open standard for B2B (business to business) communication that takes into account the specific requirements for electronic communication between suppliers and retailers in the bicycle industry.

velo.connect is supported by well-known manufacturers and wholesalers, as well as suppliers of merchandise management systems for the bicycle retail industry.


Automation with Synesty

With the veloconnect add-on you connect suppliers whose systems work via the veloconnect interface to your store or merchandise management system.

  • Creation of process flows via drag & drop - without programming
  • Retrieval (export) of article data, prices, availabilities and stock levels from veloconnect
  • Ordering: Export orders and reorders from external sources to Veloconnect (create shopping cart and create order)
  • Import and export in different formats like CSV, XML, Excel (.xls, .xlsx) possible
  • Many connections possible e.g. via FTP, SFTP or directly via API interface or web service

This allows a wide variety of scenarios to be seamlessly integrated into your backend processes. For example, you can import reorders to Veloconnect on a time-controlled basis, as well as export product data, prices and stocks from Veloconnect and update them in your merchandise management system or store.

Our whitepaper for Makers: No Code Integration & Automation

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Last updated May 26, 2020
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