idealo DIREKTKAUF and Webservices

idealo DIREKTKAUF and Webservices

idealo - the leading price comparison portal

Every online retailer knows that idealo is the leading price comparison portal in Germany.

With the new possibilities of idealo DIREKTKAUF and idealo Webservices there are also new possibilities for online merchants to improve the conversion, to increase the turnover and to guarantee the topicality of the offers.

With Synesty you can use idealo DIREKTKAUF and idealo Webservices quickly and easily and connect them to existing systems.

What exactly is it about and what can I do with it? idealo DIREKTKAUF offers online shoppers the possibility to order their products on idealo without leaving idealo itself. By pressing "buy now", the online buyer orders the desired product from you as the merchant in a quick and easy ordering process.

Did you know that products marked as DIRECT BUY are always at the top of the results list for identical price offers?

The idealo DIREKTKAUF Add-On

With Synesty Studio and the idealo DIREKTKAUF Add-On you can optionally map the following scenarios:

  • Posting offers on idealo
  • Retrieve and process orders from idealo
  • Transfer of the merchant order number
  • Transfer idealo orders to any system (e.g. merchandise management)
  • Send shipping information, such as shipper and tracking numbers, to idealo
  • Send cancellation information to idealo
  • For more information on the idealo DIREKTKAUF add-on, please click here.

idealo Webservices

idealo Webservices is an alternative to the conventional file export and has the decisive advantage that the setting, updating and deletion of the offer data takes place virtually in real time. This way, you as an online merchant guarantee your customers that your offers are up-to-date and you can react immediately to price and inventory changes.

With Synesty Studio and the idealo Webservices Add-On the following scenarios, among others, can be mapped:

  • Posting offers on idealo
  • post offers on idealo DIRECT BUY
  • Update offers on idealo (e.g. price and availability)
  • Delete offers on idealo

You can find more information about the idealo Webservices Add-On here.

Erstellt am May 26, 2017