How can No Code and Low Code Tools help you with automation and integration projects?

5 reasons for Synesty in your enterprise

How can No Code and Low Code Tools help you with automation and integration projects?

Digitalization in companies is a challenge. Data processing, integration of interfaces and API management pose problems for teams and programmers. The reasons are the shortage of skilled workers in the IT industry, a lack of know-how, and the time and cost pressure for integration projects.

So how can you support employees to drive automation?

Turn all employees into developers and integrators.

No Code's solution to this problem is to turn your employees into Citizen Developers. This means that even non-programmers can develop software solutions. With Synesty you can relieve your programmers and enable functional teams to integrate systems and interfaces themselves. The learning curve is low and because no deep developer knowledge is necessary, even laymen can automate their digital business processes in a short time.

01. Time saving

The reduction of manual work through automated processes.

Our flow editor saves a lot of time: it allows you to click together your processes (flows) very quickly using drag & drop with ready-made building blocks (steps) and templates. For conventional programming you need much longer development cycles. Since the user of Synesty does not need any programming knowledge to solve smaller problems by himself, this naturally leads to an acceleration of all processes. The faster DIY creation ultimately means higher efficiency for the company!

02. better communication in the team

Find a common language with visualized processes.

Synesty Studio is a cloud middleware that allows you to automate business processes and connect various interfaces, such as REST APIs, using drag and drop. Traditional programming languages and source code are often difficult for non-technical people to understand, which makes communication between teams difficult. Through Synesty, these processes are visualized in the flow editor. This helps to develop a common language and to talk less past each other. Employees who want a certain function are directly involved in the development process through the simple and intuitive user interface of Synesty and can participate in the automation of your business processes in an agile way.

03. Without risk

Take the time to try it out.

Even if the use of Synesty seems to make sense to you, you should think through this monthly investment and illuminate the cost/benefit factor. With Synesty you can test first before you rent.
The test phase is free of charge and unlimited in time. You have access to all add-ons, templates and functions. The functional range of the test phase corresponds to the Starter Package and is only limited to 25 data sets. The monthly costs only arise when you actively book a paid package or add-on. The contract period is automatically extended, but can be easily cancelled on a monthly basis without notice.

04. processes are flexibly expandable

Today a small start-up and tomorrow already a big player.

Precisely because companies change quickly today, our software grows with them. The system is scalable and grows with your requirements. To generate maximum results in your company at the beginning, it is best to start with small processes. Use Add-Ons or build your own API connectors. The many sample templates can be adapted for your own projects. In a short time you will get your customized process. Due to the immediately visible results, the motivation is great and you can feel an added value after only short tests. With time, the tasks become more complex. For these you have full flexibility with our scripting tools (low code).

No Code E-Commerce

For companies in e-commerce that rely on No Code, there are ready-made Add-Ons for online stores or online marketplaces, e.g.

05. learning by doing

Overcome inhibitions and take advantage of learning opportunities.

Despite having the right tool and a digital mindset of all employees in the company, you have to learn Synesty first. Often there are inhibition thresholds when introducing a new software. With Synesty, even simple Excel knowledge and an idea of how data and API interfaces fundamentally work are enough for a good start. In the Synesty Academy we offer learning programs for beginners and advanced users. Start with a video training program for beginners, use the manual, watch numerous tutorial or quick tip videos or ask an individual question in the forum.

Our whitepaper for Makers: No Code Integration & Automation

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Last updated February 23, 2022
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