DPD Predict DSGVO compliant with Synesty

A lecture by Dirk Dreher (Shopmind)

DPD Predict DSGVO compliant with Synesty

In this presentation from SYNCDay 2019, Dirk Dreher from Shopmind describes a red-hot problem with the shipping service DPD Predict and the DSGVO. According to the DSGVO, e-mails are considered personal data and thus may not be transferred so easily without the buyer's consent to the

parcel service provider are transmitted. There are several solutions. For example, not transferring an e-mail address to the parcel service provider at all, transferring an alternative e-mail address, or using a service provider for this purpose. Dirk presents a solution in which he anonymizes the e-mail addresses that the customer has provided. He replaces them with another email address and thus the whole thing is then DSGVO compliant and can be handed over to the parcel service provider and thus use DPD Predict. You can see what role Synesty Studio plays in this video.

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Last updated October 14, 2019
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