The free trial period of Synesty

A great opportunity to get to know and test the platform's range of functions.

The free trial period of Synesty

Explore the functionality of Synesty

Synesty offers you as a company a comprehensive solution to import, transform and export data from various sources. With a wide range of add-ons and features, Synesty enables easy and fast integration into existing systems and workflows. The best part? You can test Synesty free of charge and for an unlimited period of time to find out if it meets your requirements.

Tutorial video: Step-by-step guide to the free trial phase

In the accompanying tutorial video you will learn step by step how to start the free trial and explore the functionality of Synesty. You will be amazed how easy it is to get started and try out all add-ons and features. The test phase allows you to process up to 25 lines and data sets to get to know the basic functions of Synesty.

Try and use add-ons for free.

You will get an insight how to try and apply the different Add-Ons for free. You can see how easy it is to automate a process (flow) with a template. Also, the tutorial will show you how you can easily add more building blocks (steps) to this template.

Lifting of restrictions with booking of a basic package.

From automated inventory updating to e-commerce platform integration, Synesty offers you a wide range of possibilities. It is important to note that the free trial period has some limitations and productive use is not possible. However, once you have tested Synesty extensively and decide to leave the trial phase, you can remove the restrictions by booking a Basic Package. By purchasing a paid Basic Package you can unlock the full range of functions and use your flows created in the test phase productively.

Free test possibility of the add-ons in the Sandbox workspace.

But even after booking, there is still the possibility to test all add-ons for free in the Sandbox Workspace. This allows you to explore more features without incurring additional costs.

But see for yourself how easy it is and register for our free trial.

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You would like to test Synesty?

Then register for our free test phase.

Our whitepaper for Makers: No Code Integration & Automation

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Last updated June 27, 2023
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