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New "Invite user" function for more flexibility in collaboration!

Every day we work to provide the best tools for working efficiently with Synesty. Therefore, we are pleased to present you with exciting news: Our My Account section has not only received a visual refresh, but has also been enhanced with a significant feature - the "Invite User" function.

User invitation simplified

From now on it is possible to invite users to their account by e-mail address. A user who does not yet exist in Synesty can create a new account in the invitation process and choose their own password.

New: Invite users from other accounts with linked accounts

This function will especially please our partners who support Synesty customers. This is because you can now invite people to your account who already have another Synesty account. This was previously not possible and required partners to workarounds with a new unique email address. This is no longer necessary.

Partners who have been invited by a customer can now simply switch directly to the accounts of the customers they support. No more email workarounds.

How does inviting a partner to my account work?

If you want an agency to manage your account, the process would be as follows:

  • The agency gives you an e-mail address of a colleague in the Agency Synesty account "A".
  • You invite this e-mail address to your account (via My account / User management).
  • A receives an invitation email with a link to accept the invitation.
  • As soon as A has accepted the invitation, A can switch to your account via My account / Linked accounts.

With these clear guidelines, managing users and permissions has never been easier! View documentation now

Our whitepaper for Makers: No Code Integration & Automation

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Last updated November 7, 2023
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