Thank you for the positive feedback!

Synesty was awarded the Top Rated Badge by OMR

Thank you for the positive feedback!

Thanks to the many positive feedbacks on OMR Reviews, our Cloud Middleware has received the coveted "Top Rated" badge 🏆. The platform is the leader for reviews of SaaS software and already has thousands of reviews on numerous tools in 35 software categories. Synesty belongs to the iPaaS software category (Integration Platform as a Service).

To receive the "Top Rated" badge, a software must have collected a certain number of positive reviews within the last three months. We value the honest and constructive feedback from our customers, which enables us to continuously improve our software. We take our customers' feedback to heart and work on solutions to criticisms in future development sprints. On our review page, potential customers can get detailed information about our software, read testimonials from our users, compare us with other tools, and thus make their decision easier. We look forward to continuing to earn the trust of our customers and provide them with a best-in-class cloud middleware solution.

Our whitepaper for Makers: No Code Integration & Automation

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Last updated April 11, 2023
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