What Gustav Friedeheim says about Synesty?

Ein Blick auf die Erfahrungen eines langjährigen Partners.

What Gustav Friedeheim says about Synesty?

As part of our Syncdays 2023, we had the privilege of interviewing some of our valued customers and partners and recording their insights. One of these long-time partners, Gustav Friedeheim, took the time to talk to us about his experience.

A look at Gustav Friedeheim.

Gustav Friedeheim is a passionate computer scientist. As an independent IT expert, he supports numerous customers in using Synesty to achieve their goals. Beyond the basic functions he knows tricks and solutions that offer a real added value for different customer projects. With a degree in computer science, he is not afraid to do his own development. He also uses Synesty at SLV GmbH to help customers sell their products. The company provides customized product data and inventory information that customers need for further processing. At Syncday 2023, Gustav used use cases to present alternatives to the <#list> directive in his talk, which we published last week. In doing so, he demonstrated the versatile uses of lists and presented helpful features.

Testimonial from Gustav: Customer testimonials about the software solution.

We asked Gustav about his experience with our software to find out what problems it solves, what he likes about it, and what aspects he finds less positive. The opinions of our partners in particular are invaluable to us, as they provide valuable feedback for continuous improvement. Our goal is to help customers optimize their business processes. In this short interview, we give you insights into what partners like Gustav think about us and our software solutions. See for yourself what experiences he shares with us.

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Last updated June 6, 2023
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