The Synesty documentation with ChatGPT bot

Get instant answers and find solutions on your own with Dr. Synesty

The Synesty documentation with ChatGPT bot

One thought that is always on our minds is how we can help our customers find their way around our software and get explanations for various functions. We offer a lot of help for different types of learners. But one thing is always the most important in the software world: well-structured documentation. In today's fast-paced technology industry, efficient and accessible software documentation is essential. Our manual fulfills exactly these requirements. A well-structured and understandable manual makes it easier for our users to understand and use the software effectively.

Our vision: Independent problem solving

Our vision is for every user to be able to build their own interface. With our manual, we want to make it easier for our customers to look for solutions on their own. But what do you do if you have a specific problem and want to find a solution quickly without having to search through several pages?

The solution: Dr. Synesty

We are in a new era where users expect instant answers and detailed instructions through ChatGPT to solve problems and understand features. So we thought about how we could use this innovative technology to our advantage. That's how we launched Dr. Synesty! Dr. Synesty is a ChatGPT bot that we fed with our manual. It's an exciting experiment for us to see if this new option takes root. Already the responses are pretty impressive!

Future plan: Further development and enrichment

Our plan is to continuously expand the manual to increase the knowledge base. If it works well - great! If not, it was worth a try. Dr. Synesty is intended to be a supplement to find content better than with our previous search function in the handbook. We cordially invite you to try out this new function. Important: This feature is not intended to replace our forum or support and is only available with a ChatGPT Plus account.

Here we have summarized the most important points and advantages of Dr. Synesty:

  • Prerequisite: OpenAI ChatGPT Plus account
  • Immediate answers: Users receive quick and precise answers to their questions without having to search for a long time.
  • Promotion of self-help: Our manual supports users in searching for solutions on their own in order to educate themselves.
  • Increased efficiency: The integration of ChatGPT reduces the time users need to find answers.
  • Continuous improvement: Dr. Synesty is constantly updated to expand the knowledge base.

Click here to go to Dr.Synesty

Have fun trying it out!

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Last updated May 29, 2024
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