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Create Data Feeds for Google Shopping, AdWords or price comparison sites.

The term Data Feed or Product Data Feed usually refers to a CSV- or XML-File containing product data. These feeds are exported from an ERP, PIM or shop system and imported in another receiving system like Google Shopping.

Each of those receiving systems has different requirements how the data should look like and which fields need to be in the feed. 

A common problem is, that then sending systems like online shops often need to be customized in order to export the data feeds in different formats. Small changes can quickly become a larger project.

The worst case is that Google Shopping merchant center blocks your products or your account because the data quality of your feed is too bad. The can be different things e.g. missing columns or wrong decimal delimiters. 


With Synesty Studio you can automate the whole customization and optimization. 

PageLines- flowsundsteps.pngHere are some examples for common optimizations:

  • enrich product title with important keywords which increases visibility in search results
  • reduce product title to max. length
  • remove / filter products without image-url
  • remove products with zero prices e.g. 0,00 EUR
  • remove special characters or line-breaks in description texts
  • custom calculations for prices based on different dimensions (e.g. brand, producer, sales channel) to compensate sales commissions of different channels.
  • apply IF-ELSE-logic to different fields (comparable to what you know from spreadsheet calculation tools)
  • remove products which contain forbidden words (e.g. words on a blacklist. often found related to pharmaceutical products)
  • category mapping (translate your own categories into the taxonomy of Google Shopping)


These are just a few examples how you can improve, clean and optimize data feeds to improve visibility and revenue in channels like Google Shopping.

“Can your software improve my data feed? “

Yes. The result depends on the quality of your existing data. 

Try to answer the following questions:

  • How does my existing data look like? (Source format)
  • How does the target format need to look like? (e.g. the required format according to the Google Shopping Feed Specification)
  • What is wrong in the current feed and what needs to be done to get from the Source format to the improved target format? (e.g. How would you do it with Excel?)

If you are able to anwer these questions with your own words like a recipe, then the process can most likely be automated with Synesty Studio. 

The many possibilities to directly access data in files or APIs of shop-systems make it easy to create optimized feeds. For systems without a directy API you can always fallback to a file-approach via CSV/XML and FTP. 

How much does it cost?

Example 1:

Number of source-feeds: 1

Number of products in the source-feed: e.g. 15.000
File size: up to 3MB
How often should the feed-optimization run?: 1 x per day

Required pack:  Startup-Special

In this pack you can create 1 Flow. This means you can process 1 source feed once per day. You can upgrade at any time if you need more. 

Example 2:

Number of source-feeds:: 1

Number of products in the source-feed: e.g. 75.000
File size: up to 50MB
How often should the feed-optimization run? 1 x per day

Required pack:  Starter

In this pack you can create up to 5 Flows. That means e.g. you could process 5 different feeds once per day.
You can upgrade at any time if you need more. 

Note: The number of products in your feed is not relevant. The main limit is the frequency of how often the flows are executed (runs) and the amount data traffic

If you do not store your products in Synesty Datastores (not always required), then the amount of products is not relevant. 

Just try it out. Use the 14-Days Trial period to test the features and get results quickly. 
No risk: There are no hidden costs after the trial period.


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