Become a Synesty Partner

As an agency partner, you will support our customers in setting up and using Synesty.

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Expand your service portfolio

Through Synesty you can further develop your service portfolio

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Save time

Realize Integration and automation projects faster

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New sales channel

Beraten und arbeiten Sie auf eigene Rechnung

Become a partner agency

6 reasons for a partnership with Synesty

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1. Your know-how - our tool

As an agency, you have specialized knowledge in certain systems and processes. However, the topic of interfaces, APIs and automation consumes a lot of time and costs in many projects. With Synesty Studio we offer you the tool to realize interface and automation projects in even shorter time than would be possible with individual solutions. We are glad that our common customers receive a professional support by your specialized agency.

  • Consult and work on your own account
  • Use your expertise to develop automated processes for your customers
  • Benefit from faster project implementation

2. Verified partners and certification

As a partner, you can take an online certification exam. This seal in your partner profile increases your credibility with potential customers. Requirements for certification are:

  • Experience with HTTP APIs, interfaces and data formats such as CSV, XML, JSON.
  • You already have first experiences with Synesty and the - creation of flows
  • You have implemented at least one project for a customer using Synesty yourself

3. Fast communication

As a Synesty partner, requests are prioritized in support. We maintain a trusting relationship and strive for a long-term partnership. The exchange about your features and ideas is as important to us as a good support with competent answers to your questions.

4. Attractive marketing opportunities

Benefit from joint sales and marketing activities. Together we can bundle your know-how and reach e.g. through joint campaigns, workshops, lectures or blog posts and a meaningful partner profile.

5. Educational resources

Around the clock you have access to our online manual, videos, cookbooks and knowledge base. In the forum you can ask questions and also help other customers yourself.

6. Access to beta features

Be the first to test our new features and give us your feedback.

Reseller vs. Consulting

There are two models of partnership with Synesty.

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Consulting Partner

With this model you as a partner usually do not have your own Synesty account. Your customer books his own account and gives you access to it, so that you can do the setup for the customer. You charge the customer for your consulting services on your own account.

Reseller with own account

As a reseller you have a normal paid Synesty account and manage your customers in it. Your customers may not even realize that Synesty is being used. Synesty allows the separation of clients by projects or workspaces. You charge the customer for consulting services and pass on your costs for Synesty to the customer.

What our partners say

Eshop Guide

The most important point why we chose Synesty is the easy handling and the intuitive interface.

Project Manager
Eshop Guide GmbH
brandnoo - Tobias Wittkopf

Synesty is ideally suited for handling large amounts of data and designing workflows to optimize and automate work processes throughout eProcurement.

Tobias Wittkopf
brandnoo GmbH

Contact us

If you have already worked with Synesty and implemented your first projects, then contact us. Our partner management will get in touch with you.

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