In this training you will learn how to build an integration to Tradebyte TB.One with Synesty.

The content of this training is to connect an existing system with channels in Tradebyte TB.One. The goal is to automate the entire order and product management so that you only need to maintain your existing store system.

In this training you will learn how to implement a connection to Tradebyte TB.One with Synesty. The Tradebyte system is filled with the product data of an already existing system. The orders that come into Tradebyte are exported and imported into your existing store system. Afterwards the status messages including tracking data of the processed orders are reported back to Tradebyte.

Training contents

  • Basic training for Synesty Studio is included
  • General preliminary considerations and approach to a Tradebyte integration
  • Setup of API-crendentials
  • Add Products to TB.One from an external system
  • Import of prices and inventory from external to TB.One
  • Order retrieval from Tradebyte and transmission to the external system
  • Transmission of shipping and returns information from external to TB.One
  • Documents / handout for independent follow-up of the training course
  • After the training you will have a good basis to apply what you have learned to your own integration.
  • Duration: 1-day workshop (approx. 7 hours)
  • can usually be split into 2 days on request
  • plus preparation and wrap-up

Which external system is used in the training?

In all processes covered in the training generic source data (e.g. example CSV files) will be used, which will be imported into a TB.One test system by Synesty. If desired, we can also conduct the training with Shopify as an external system. In this case a Shopify test system from Synesty is used. Systems of the client are excluded in the training.

Training goal

The goal of the training is that you will be able to use what you have learned to be able to set up the connection between Tradebyte and your external system.

The processes for the data exchange with Tradebyte can be set up and configured by drag&drop and with our No-Code / Low-Code Tools.

If you wish personal agency support afterwards this is also possible. We will help you to find a suitable partner agency.

Prerequisite and procedure

The client (CL) has registered for a Synesty Studio account at, deposited the payment information and booked a basic package (Go, Plus, Professional). The online training will take place on the date previously agreed between the Contractor (CO) and the Client (CL). A conference software, usually Google Meet, is used for the online training. The Contractor shall send the access data for participation in the online training in advance. The training content is specified by the Contractor. Training documents are provided after the training (e.g. video recording and PDF handout). The number of participants is limited to 4.

Order processing / DSGVO: The Client has concluded an order processing contract (AV contract, Art. 28 para. 1 DSGVO) with Synesty prior to booking (see My Account / Settings / Data Protection AV contract), as it cannot be ruled out that Synesty may gain access to personal data of the Client in the course of the training. Without a signed AV contract, the training is not possible.

Invoicing and payment

After the online training the CL is obliged to pay. The Contractor shall invoice the service after booking. The payment term is 14 days from the invoice date. The invoice amount will be collected via the payment method stored in Synesty Studio (SEPA direct debit, PayPal, credit card).

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contractual information

Contractual information

  • checked
    Billing via your stored payment method
  • checked
    Invoice at the end of the month
Synesty Support

Together we will find the perfect solution for your company.

If you still have questions about your individual application, we can advise you personally.
Simply send us a contact request and describe your problem.

Faster Training-Tradebyte integrations with No Code / Low Code.

Create Training-Tradebyte integrations faster than with programming.

Programming knowledge is not required for Synesty. Instead, visual building blocks can be plugged together and complex logics can be implemented with Low Code tools. This means that everybody can assemble and automate custom Training-Tradebyte-integration via simple "Steps". However, if a custom solution is needed to automate a more complex process, code can be added at any time.

Our whitepaper for Makers: No Code Integration & Automation

  • 1 All prices including VAT
  • 2Content is the 1st hour of the normal Basic Training. If desired, the free hour can be credited when booking the paid basic training. In this case, the price of the basic training is reduced by 50%. The offer is only valid for new customers (once per company) when booking a paid basic package (Plus or Professional) for Synesty Studio for the first time. A payout of the offer is not possible and the offer is not transferable.
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