ChatGPT & OpenAI Add-On

OpenAI No Code connector for questions and also simple commands with any data sources

  • checkedArtificial intelligence (AI) for texts and data from e.g. e-commerce systems
  • checkedSeamless integration with other add-ons and data sources
  • checkedUse ChatGPT and OpenAI API and models without programming knowledge (No Code and Low Code)

With the Synesty Add-On for OpenAI you can answer questions or commands related to a given text or have text generated. As an answer you get texts and answers prepared by OpenAI. The difference to the known ChatGPT interface is that you can do the whole thing with mass data from different data sources and APIs. This can be especially useful for companies dealing with e-commerce, customer service or marketing. For example, the texts can be in a table or CSV file. For example, you can use it to summarize product descriptions for your online store, extract or add keywords, analyze customer reviews or generate product descriptions based on customer preferences. The possibilities are very diverse, depending on the question you ask.

This add-on offers different steps to use OpenAI's AI models (e.g. davinci, GPT-3.5 or GPT-4). By combining different data sources like e-commerce store systems or data from ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) / Merchandise Management or PIM (Product Information Management), you can get creative and use artificial intelligence for text data. By using options like max_tokens you can limit the length of the response to control the cost on the part of the OpenAI API.

Video: Using ChatGPT API for extracting product features from product texts

In this video we show exemplarily how the add-on can be used for working with product texts, e.g. to recognize individual features / attributes from a product description in order to e.g. fill a product database or PIM with them. The data source can be a simple Excel spreadsheet, Google spreadsheet or other API.

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Application examples

  • Extract keywords from texts (e.g. by asking: Extract keywords from the following text: ${mytext})
  • Summarize texts
  • Classify texts (e.g. sentiment analysis: Is this customer review positive or negative?'')
  • Extract features from texts


  • seamless integration: the add-on can be easily combined with all other Synesty add-ons and APIs
  • Easy handling
  • cost control: output of OpenAI API responses can be limited to save tokens


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use Synesty for the switch or migration to ChatGPT & OpenAI?
Can I connect ChatGPT & OpenAI with other APIs and tools (e.g. REST API, GraphQL, CSV) when there is no Synesty Add-On for my system?
Can I create backups of my data from ChatGPT & OpenAI with Synesty?
What is Synesty Studio?
Is the registration really for free?
Can I test all Steps and Add-Ons before purchasing?
What are Flows, Steps, Datastores und Upgrades?
How does Synesty handle privacy / GDPR?
Where can I find resources and videos to learn Synesty?
I need support. What do you offer?
Contractual information

Contractual information

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    Testable free of charge at any time
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    Contract duration 1 month
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Privacy and GDPR

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Included Steps for ChatGPT & OpenAI

You will get the following steps to connect to ChatGPT & OpenAI.
Synesty Support

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With Synesty as your middleware you can build custom integrations to connect ChatGPT & OpenAI to other systems and APIs without code by clicking them together via Drag & Drop.

Automate business processes and integrations like EDI data-import and export.

With Synesty you can import and export file formats like CSV, Excel (XLS/XLSX), XML or JSON into ChatGPT & OpenAI and also connect via HTTP to REST- or GraphQL APIs. Customers use it for report-building, ETL-task, Bulk import or data feed optimiziation with ChatGPT & OpenAI.
Our No Code Flow-Editor and Low Code Scripting Tools allow creative customization for all kinds of integrations.

Faster ChatGPT & OpenAI integrations with No Code / Low Code.

Create ChatGPT & OpenAI integrations faster than with programming.

Programming knowledge is not required for Synesty. Instead, visual building blocks can be plugged together and complex logics can be implemented with Low Code tools. This means that everybody can assemble and automate custom ChatGPT & OpenAI-integration via simple "Steps". However, if a custom solution is needed to automate a more complex IF-THIS-THEN-THAT process, script-code can be added at any time.

Our whitepaper for Makers: No Code Integration & Automation

Articles for ChatGPT & OpenAI

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