The Synesty Academy bundles all information to learn Synesty.

Start with a video training program for beginners, use the manual, watch numerous tutorial or quick tip videos or ask an individual question in the forum.

Basic Training

Getting started faster

In different lessons the basics are explained in a simple and understandable way. As a new Synesty user you will learn in this video collection how to automate flows, how to create them yourself or how to install them from templates. Furthermore the basics of the Spreadsheetmapper are part of this training and how to import and export data.

Das Video wird bei Klick von Youtube geladen und abgespielt. Dabei stellt Ihr Browser eine Verbindung zu den Youtube-Servern her. Es gelten die Datenschutzhinweise von Google / Youtube


In our user manual for all questions, problems and conflicts you will not only find everything you need to get started, but also everything about features, application examples, add ons and typical error messages.


Community Forum

Synesty experts, customers and partners help with questions about Synesty.


Suggested solutions to problems, ideas for flows, knowledge of known error messages, and many other help features

Training & Schulung

In our trainings you learn in a team or individually how to build interfaces and automate processes with Synesty.