Connect & Automate
without coding

Synesty is a Cloud-Middleware
for connecting APIs and automated processes.

Synesty Cloud-Middleware und Nocode Integration Plattform

Do it yourself!

Connect your applications without programming by drag & drop in the browser.



Minimize development costs. Reduce manual work through automated processes.



With Synesty as your data hub, you can connect all systems that have interfaces & APIs – regardless of industry.

NoCode + LowCode

NoCode + LowCode

Many integrations can be “plugged together” with simple building blocks. But also more complex logics can be realized by scripting.

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What can I do with it?

Automate backend processes and data exchange
between different systems directly in the browser.

Synesty Beispielflow

Examples of use

With our Nocode / Lowcode – approach you realize integrations and interfaces
faster than with programming. Ideal for product managers, shop managers, agencies or IT service providers.

Data sources and formats

No matter where from, where to and what: Synesty Studio supports common data sources such as HTTP(S), (S)FTP, S3, Dropbox, Google Drive or APIs and web services and data formats such as Excel, CSV, flat files, XML, JSON.

Electronic data exchange

Use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to exchange business documents between systems. By using Synesty in the EDI environment you save time and costs.

Data feeds

Poor data quality = poor visibility. Optimize data feeds by enriching or filtering before importing them to price portals such as Google Shopping.

Monitoring data quality

How is my data? Are all fields correctly filled? Do I accidentally have zero prices? Notifications inform you about errors and anomalies.

Data reconciliation and matching

Different systems – different numbers and fields. Map fields and attributes for automatic comparison and matching.

E-Commerce & B2B interfaces

A large number of interfaces for suppliers, ERP and shop systems such as plentymarkets, Magento and shopware can be connected to Synesty.

Automate inventory reconciliation and price updates

Avoid over-sales with automatic inventory reconciliation and price updates between suppliers, stores, warehouses, shops and marketplaces.

Marketplace connection

Synchronize product data and orders between online marketplaces, merchandise management and shop.

Repricing and marketplace analyses

Monitor competitor prices and automate price calculations according to your rules. Then import the new prices into your system.

Benefits with Synesty


Saving time through automation

Saving time through automation

Reduce manual processes and optimize for maximum efficiency, fewer errors and longer life.

Professional Support

Professional Support

We support you from the beginning on different support channels: forum, manual & knowledge base, videos, ticket system or training and individual trainings.

Instantly visible results

Instantly visible results

A construction kit to make yourself in your browser. Connections, interfaces or data imports – you can start immediately and see results after just a few clicks.

Your data in Germany

Your data in Germany

Synesty Studio is a cloud solution. No installation, 24/7 availability, security through encryption and data protection compliant through data centre in Germany. Order processing contract (AVV according to DSGVO) can be signed electronically by every customer in the back end.

You do not have to be a programmer

You do not have to be a programmer

Use ready-made building blocks (keyword: Nocode) to connect applications. For complex requirements a script language is optionally available (keyword: lowcode). Try it out!

Fair and without risk

Fair and without risk

The solution grows with your requirements: Test for an unlimited time, then start with a small package and increase it if necessary. Conveniently rent per month and cancel monthly.

What our clients say


  • Automation and interfaces

    Synesty Studio offers us the possibility of further processing, preparing and mapping data and playing it back exactly as required.

    Automation and interfaces
    Mark Ludwig
  • Without programming skills

    The solution offered by Synesty can be flexibly adapted to your own system environment without any programming effort and offers complete data exchange.

    Without programming skills
    David Felder
    IT Manager
    IDC GmbH
  • Better
    data quality

    Thanks to the cooperation we can give our customers valuable time and improve the quality of their data. The results are well-functioning profitable campaigns.

    Better <BR> data quality
    Andreas Hörcher
    Finnwaa GmbH

How does it work?

In Synesty Studio you build flows. 
A flow consists of steps.
Each step carries out an action. 


Expandable with add-ons and templates

Install add-ons for new interfaces and functions.
Example templates help you get started and can be adapted for your own projects. 

No long programming projects

No long programming projects

Instantly visible results

Instantly visible results

Pre-built Add-Ons and templates

Pre-built Add-Ons and templates

You are interested in Synesty?


Then start with the free and unlimited test phase, in which you can try out all add-ons. There are no automatic costs. If you decide to use the add-ons regularly during the test phase, the test phase ends when you book a basic package that is subject to a fee.

The following terms are also common regarding Synesty Studio: E-Commerce Middleware, ETL (Extract Transform Load), EDI Connector (EDI = Eletronic Data Integration), EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), Datafeed Management Tool, Software as a Service (SaaS), Integration-Hub, Nocode / Lowcode Development Platform